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Interview with Loom Loop designer Polly Ho decided it was time to find out more about local fashion designers and how they tick. I was excited to meet up with local Hong Kong designer Polly Ho, the creator behind Loom Loop and ask her about her brand, her inspirations and the idea of eco-friendly clothing versus fast-fashion. She also let me try on a couple of pieces, here I am with the panda t-shirt (which is extremely comfortable to wear) and the panda print skirt (so cute!).

Panda Qipao by Loom Loop

(Image source: Loom Loop)

Panda Qipao by Loom Loop

Panda Print Qipao Dress

Panda Print Outfit PR

Natalie Burge ( PR and blogger/model) in Panda T-shirt and Panda Print Skirt

Denim Outfit by Loom Loop

Denim Top and Jeans.

(Image source: Qipao Panda Dress and Denim Look - Loom Loop)

Polly knew from a young age she wanted to be a fashion designer, inspired by other designers such as Ann Demeulemeester and Chanel. Polly and her partner Andy Ho began their brand once getting a space in Hong Kong's illustrious designer hub of PMQ. Loom Loop an eco-friendly and traditionally influenced brand has both men's and women's clothing but mainly focuses on women's fashion.

In her beautifully bamboo decorated shop, located on the second floor of PMQ in Central I asked her some questions about her life in the fashion industry of Hong Kong.

Hi Polly, thanks for taking the time to chat with Tell us a bit about your fashion style:

My brand style is all about sophisticated contemporary looks. A mixture of east meets west. It uses elements of traditional Chinese design, Canton Silk but with a modern twist.

What is the name of your brand and why did you choose that name?

The brand name Loom Loop came from the idea of a "loom" which is weaving machine and "loop" which is from knitting.

Who would you say are your influences or inspirations in the fashion industry?

Influences and inspirations are from Ann Demeulemeester and Chanel. My brand is inspired by vintage and old style Chinese fashion from heritage stories. Not so much from the fashion industry but more influenced from culture. I try not to see other brands and trends because I want Loom Loop's designs to stay unique. Loom Loop doesn't follow the trends but creates individual influenced design that stands out of the crowd.

How did you get started in the fashion industry?

Loom Loop started by myself (Polly Ho) and my partner Andy Ho. I studied a design course in the Polytechnic University in Hong Kong and also did an exchange course in Birmingham. Andy studied in St. Martin's and has more than 20 years fashion industry experience. I have worked in the fashion industry for around 15 years. Before Loom Loop I worked in factory trading and retail in China (Shenzhen). When we heard about PMQ we decided to apply for a space there. Once we got approval we created our brand. Most designers have a brand first and then find a space to display their work. As a fashion designer in Hong Kong is isn't easy, I decided not to take the risk in creating the brand before having a space.

Why did you decide to become a fashion designer?

Actually it was the only thing I wanted to do, to become a fashion designer. I heard about the course in Polytechnic Hong Kong and decided to study design.

What do you love most about being a fashion designer?

I love the tough design process, from picking the fabric to finding inspiration for the design to creating the final piece. I enjoy making beautiful things and being creative. Although it can be tough to communicate with pattern makers at times, I still enjoy discussing with them and in the end the whole process is enjoyable

Tell us about your designs and style:

The designs are created from leftover over denim and yarn to make the brand more environmentally friendly. The collection mainly uses canton silk, which uses natural dye. This method is over 400 years old and the process is very hard to learn. To train the labor to learn to weave and the dye technique takes around 10 years so it's very unique. I wanted to recycle the fabric instead of using new pieces of fabric to minimize waste.
The designs use a lot of different prints, inspired by natural elements such as bamboo. We also use Chinese elements such as the traditional Chinese styled dress the "qipao" and also include pandas in our design. PMQ had the visit of the 1600 pandas exhibit not long ago and we were lucky to have already had the panda design, which went very well with the exhibit.

What are your plans for the future of Loom Loop?

Our future plans are to join exhibits and shows such as Hong Kong Fashion Week as well as shows abroad. We are looking to join exhibits in Paris as well as trade shows.

What trends do you currently like/dislike

As an owner of an eco-friendly brand that recycles material I would say I dislike the trends of "fast-fashion". I believe strongly about creating designs that are meant to last, that are of quality and help the environment. I sometimes feel that high-street brands do not help this idea as they create trends that are meant to be thrown away. After the trend goes out of fashion, the clothes are no longer used and thrown out.
I like designers who are individual like Ann Demeulemeester her designs are very strong and cool.

What is your favorite item of clothing from Loom Loop at the moment?

My favorite items of clothing are the designs with the bamboo prints. We have the prints on the shirts and the bags using blue and green tones.

Make sure you check out Loom Loop on their profile here on for more of their designs. I had a wonderful chat with Polly and believe she has a very unique and stylish collection. Loom Loop are not only inspired by nature in their look but also in their hearts when it comes to eco-friendly fashion.


Loom Loop, Studio Unit S205, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong - Open from 12pm-8pm
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