What is MyFashionStage.com?

Get ready for the revolutionary fashion community. Are you a fashion designer? Stylist? Blogger? Or just a straight up fashionista who cannot get enough of style/fashion? Then this is the place for you! MyFashionStage.com is an online community that let’s you share pics of your latest outfit, designs or styles with the rest of world. Tell them what you’re wearing, how to wear it and where you got it. A simple online platform to showcase your styles and your looks.

How MyFashionStage.com works

Ready to share? No problem, simply sign up with you email or log in using your Facebook, Twitter of Google+ account for fast access.

Once you’ve received your confirmation email, you will be able to login and edit your profile.

Start adding pictures/showcases/fashion journals by clicking the “+add” button.

What is a “picture”?
A picture is a single photo you wish to add to MyFashionStage.com. You will be able to add all the details about your look including where you got it, how much it costs and tips on how to wear this style. Simple click on the “+add” button and choose “picture”. After you’ve added all the info, simply click “save”.

What is a “showcase”?
A showcase is a group of photos you wish to add to MyFashionStage.com. It’s great for grouping themes or even your latest collection. If you have a collection of outfits you wish to show together, add the selected images to a showcase. You can only add photos to a showcase that have already been uploaded as individual pictures (see What is a “picture” for details). Click on the “+add” button and choose “showcase” to start your own showcase.

What is a “fashion journal”?

Got something to write about? Want to share your latest fashion event, exhibition or latest trends? Here’s the place to do it. If you want to get the word out about your fashion latest’s, post a fashion journal. Simply click “+add” button and choose “fashion journal” to begin.

How to share your picture/showcase?

So you’ve added your look and want to share it with your friends, it couldn’t be easier. Each post has a set of social media links, choose your favourite (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr or Pinterest) and instantly share.

What are annotations?

Annotations are a great way to point out different features of your look/style. Simply choose the “on” button below your picture and draw a square (by clicking and dragging) over the desired area. You will then be able to write a short comment about that item.

What is/how do I become a MyFashionStage Fashion Icon?

We’re always looking for fashion icons, those who are dedicated to sharing their passion about style and would like to collaborate with us. For more details, contact us at info@MyFashionStage.com

 I’m having a tech related problem with my account, who do I contact?

If you’re experiencing problems with any features on the site let us know! We love to hear your feedback and happy to help. Contact us at info@MyFashionStage.com