Know Your Love Partner According to Your Personality Type

What you attract in your life

The inappropriate partner - at least once in his life, allows himself such a person. At these times, we ask why he or she is part of our world. Think well. Do you much complain? Do you give people the opportunity to benefit from you?

Who am I, what do I want in love and what do I deserve to experience? What can I give myself in a relationship?

The truth is quite simple. Often in a love plan, we attract people who are close to our personality or attitude towards life at that moment. See the most common types of people. Perhaps you will be recognized in some of them and this will give you an answer which partner you will attract to an intimate plan.

Adventure type

This type of people like to spend every free minute of their time outside, more often in nature, forgetting about the dynamics of everyday life.

They love to plan exciting trips, look for challenges, live with constant risks in work while having fun, are fond of extreme sports. If you are recognizable in this type, it is very likely that in love you are more likely to attract such partners.

Artist / Creative

Do you like to draw, write, read books, and maybe your passion is the culinary or hobby is somehow related to your creativity? The person we can call an artist sees the world around him in a different way, trying to create beautiful new things inspired by her thoughts and feelings.

Intellectual / philosopher

In love everyone needs something definite. For some people it is important to be able to conduct deep, meaningful and exciting conversations with your loved one. Often such individuals have a very wide range of knowledge.

They also learn new things through conversations, are not afraid to express an opinion. If you think you are a mature, objective and analytical person, it is almost certain that in love you will attract such a partner.


If you prefer online matrimony, you need time for yourself to recharge emotionally, and most likely in love you will also attract a partner whose personality dominates introvertness.

Of course, a link between the introvert and the extroversion is possible, but if you are the first type you may need a partner to slow down and enjoy the little things in life.

The Extruct

If you attract this guy in love, get ready for fun and adventure. If you yourself are an extrovert, it is very possible to draw an opposite person to yourself that needs to complement and rediscover yourself.


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I have always been attracted by the style country, even if that's what is most far away from my style of life, since they are the town in the spinal cord.

Then a few years ago, I met Alice Coccia, a friend of enamel very special that has become, over the years, my best friend and blogger of the travel website and lifestyle, Shabby Chic Style.

Of the country style I was attracted only by the cowboy boots, paired maybe with a tulle skirt, but Alice went above and beyond, so much so that it managed to drag me to the horse fair, where I discovered a whole world dedicated to the style country, but not that chic, just the original one, including cowboy, cowboys, and country songs.

Country style for the modern cowgirl

And here is the beautiful Alice, a cowgirl in the soul, which, every time he sees on the fashion magazines, the services with matching country-style turn up their nose, because there are codes to be respected and not just a couple of Texans...

I put all my outfits, which is not just from riding in the grasslands, but to manage a riding school chic, I think we can do...

The codes of the clothing, country-style

The clothing style of the country is absolutely in fashion, why she downplays it and gives a wild touch to our look. Just think of the fashion of bags with fringe, or boots Texans that are perfect to wear in the autumn with a skirt or jeans, up to the hats that have accessories that solve every look.

And that's how we interpreted the codes of clothing in a country style.

Style for the modern cowgirl

Two outfits, two different styles to interpret the clothing style of the country...even if the horses have made up only Alice...because the cowboys were scared that I rovinassi boots!

The horse fair in Rome, where we shot these photos, it was a very fun experience, not only to admire the beautiful horses, but also because it is full of small stands with a lot of accessories for authentic cowgirl!

And between the "butteri", cowboys and horses, there is always a time to devote to shopping, and also Alice has succumbed to his coveted Beer door!

While I was working, of course, to the Texans!

Here is a small, but significant, photo gallery of our shopping trip to the horse fair.

But there are also the real protagonists: the horses! I also admired the beautiful “hairstyles” “with braids that you should never loose...

After a full immersion between the cowboys and the cowboys – but there were also the knights of chic that Alice wanted me to meet – I will be converted to the original style from cowgirl but I'm ready to ride the long, fun-filled adventure with the friends of Polish special like you!!


There are sometimes that fashion put you crazy

There are many things already on your mind, and you do not want your mind to be overcrowded. We know the fact, and we even do not want you to feel overburdened simply because you are trying hard to take good care of your child.

However, we have some important points to be noted, and we hope that you will focus on the same and be comfortable with the process.

1. Talk to your children

Communicate with them on a regular basis and try to understand their problems. It is also an opportunity for you to let them know about the problems if you are facing and what we can do in order to create less mess not only in the monetary terms but also in order to make you feel like a proud parent. At the same time, let them know that you are trying hard to be one of the best parents in the world by trying to give the best facilities possible to the children.

2. Take interest in the things they are actually interested in

Most of the kids have common thoughts in their mind, and accordingly they know what future do they see for their own self. This matter and you need to start taking interest in the things we are interested in so that they feel good and comforted. In many cases, you will even see that that child has some weird but good intentions for their future and if you see a possibility in that direction, go ahead and support them unconditionally.

For example, if your child is preparing for a particular research, there is no harm in letting them take a research trip. If it is for their good, you should be supportive in every possible way and which should help them feel confident about the support you are giving them.

3. Give them a surprise that really matters

Many times, we know what children made are, but we do not make an effort to give it to them because we think that this should earn it. There is no harm in thinking this way but occasionally you can even surprise them with something that really matters to them, and they really need it. After all, they are your children, and if you can do something really special for them in any possible way, it should be easy for you to go ahead and make the difference that really matters to them. Remember that everything you do today will be reflected on their future and it will help her make things worse for them. So, your decision today really matters, and your surprise even will have a similar effect on them.


People who don’t like traveling with public transport and are more likely to choose a way to travel by themselves should take attention. Today we are going to share some of the most common pros and cons of traveling by car that might help you to understand whether or not this seeing the world is suitable for you. So, without any further ado – there are these top 3 pros and cons!


Let’s start with the good stuff, since it is more fun to find good rather than trying to criticize things.

1.       Flexibility is one of the biggest pros of traveling by car. You can stop as much as you want, drive your route and just enjoy having a long road trip as much as you want! You can drive to the exact locations you wished for, meet new interesting people and just enjoy your freedom! And since there is no baggage limit, you can take almost the entire house with you! Not to forget your beloved pets that will always find a perfect spot in your car too!

2.       The better view is another great benefit of traveling by car. Well, then you travel by plane you won’t be able to see anything at all in some cases, and by the ship, all that you are going to see will be water all around. Although if you pick a car as a way to travel you will be able to gaze your own upon many beautiful villages, hills and small towns everywhere. And you will always be able to stop and take some pictures too. So the view from the window is a huge plus. 

3.       Another great benefit of traveling by car is that you can always save a lot more by traveling this way than any other. This mainly works then you are traveling with a bunch of friends who can all chip in for a gas. So, driving a car and seeing the world is considered to be lot cheaper way to travel because you will be able to control and track your finances more! 


Now let’s get to the biggest minuses of traveling by car.

1.       Well, let’s be honest. Driving takes a hell of the time to get to your final destination. You can sometimes drive for hours, and it might get boring to travel this way. Especially you are going to feel that then you are going from one big city to another. So remember this as well!

2.       Another disadvantage of traveling by car is the bad weather that can make a serious impact on your trip too. Imagine if during your whole trips it is raining and you have to drive during such weather. It won’t be pleasant to drive like that, and it take a lot of your attention and driving skills too. Or if you are driving in the winter and the huge snow storm is happening. You are taking a big risk and risking your safety in this case!

3.       Finally, the last con today will be that by car you cannot travel everywhere. You cannot drive from the United States to Europe, and you might face difficulties of entering some countries too. So you need to plan your trip very well and also understand that with car not everything is accessible. You also need to park a car somewhere sometimes and that might lead to unplanned expenses. Be aware of that too!


Dealing with financial matters is not easy for a bigger part of the population. What determines our financial habits? Environment, in which we were growing, spontaneous reactions and many other psychological factors might be a few answers. But today let’s discuss the most common mistakes in fiscal matters done by... women. In many cases, the same mistakes are done by men too, but since in today’s society women deal with money sometimes even more often than men, ladies – you deserve a little bit more attention. So – this article is just for you!

Forgetting about yourself and your health 

Everything in our lives depends on the health so you just have to take regular visits to the doctor. Everything is very simple - we are healthy, we have more strength and energy to work, to be with family, travel and pursue our biggest dreams.

Health is a crucial factor of financial stability and success. For example, if you always skip visits to the doctor, it may be that later you will have to sacrifice much more than just your time. You missed a chance to use an opportunity to prevent diseases and now you will have to spend time and money treating it. Avoid it by simply taking care of yourself before something bad happens. 

You spend money to save, but the result is the opposite

This rule often applies when we buy food. It seems that if it is with a discount that naturally means that you will save. But after you leave the store with bags of groceries, and don’t eat it afterward, some of them will go bad and you will be forced to thrown half the food away. Naturally, we understand that such results are very questionable. Therefore, make a list and follow it carefully. It is worth buying food in bigger quantities only if they have longer expiration dates or can be frozen for a while.

On the other hand, there are other tricks you can try to shop for groceries and avoid before-mentioned shopping. One of the most modern ones here – online shopping! Yes, there is a ton of people who can prove to you, that shopping online helped them to deal with financial problems and deal with impulsive shopping. There are a few reasons behind it. First of all – online coupons; second – there are no distractions at all because you go to those pages where you will find specific groceries. There are many reasons, and here are millions of ways how to save money while shopping online too, so just try it once by yourself and discover all the perks! 

You have no goal

Do you want to be rich, or just enjoy what you have? Answer this question, and it will be much easier to sort out your priorities and goals. Only then you will be able to begin to look for ways, roads, and circumstances which should help you to reach what you desire. Follow your own rules and try to focus. Slight deviations are fun, but they can become a bad habit which won’t help you to reach for success.

Start saving now

No matter how old you are and what kind of work you do - start saving now. Initially, let it be 10 percent of your salary, and then time passes by, add more (depending on the situation). Think about how much you will have in a year, and after five? The sooner you will start saving, the sooner you will feel much stronger and safer. You can even open up an individual bank account for it and use automatic money transfer, therefore, you won’t even see that money you put aside and learn to live without it.

You give yourself away to impulsive purchases

New dress, red shoes, jewelry charms you so much that you cannot get out of the store without spending the last cent in the wallet? Here is a piece of advice you can take - know what you need and look for exactly that item either in a grocery or a clothing store. It is also advisable to set a budget for shopping as well. But most importantly - no urgency. Always ask if you really need this item? Will it be easy to match it with other items? Spend your money thoughtfully and without a rush and you will have everything that you need - both in the matter of things and money.

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