Country style a touch of chic and for the modern cowgirl

almost 2 years ago

I have always been attracted by the style country, even if that's what is most far away from my style of life, since they are the town in the spinal cord.

Then a few years ago, I met Alice Coccia, a friend of enamel very special that has become, over the years, my best friend and blogger of the travel website and lifestyle, Shabby Chic Style.

Of the country style I was attracted only by the cowboy boots, paired maybe with a tulle skirt, but Alice went above and beyond, so much so that it managed to drag me to the horse fair, where I discovered a whole world dedicated to the style country, but not that chic, just the original one, including cowboy, cowboys, and country songs.

Country style for the modern cowgirl

And here is the beautiful Alice, a cowgirl in the soul, which, every time he sees on the fashion magazines, the services with matching country-style turn up their nose, because there are codes to be respected and not just a couple of Texans...

I put all my outfits, which is not just from riding in the grasslands, but to manage a riding school chic, I think we can do...

The codes of the clothing, country-style

The clothing style of the country is absolutely in fashion, why she downplays it and gives a wild touch to our look. Just think of the fashion of bags with fringe, or boots Texans that are perfect to wear in the autumn with a skirt or jeans, up to the hats that have accessories that solve every look.

And that's how we interpreted the codes of clothing in a country style.

Style for the modern cowgirl

Two outfits, two different styles to interpret the clothing style of the country...even if the horses have made up only Alice...because the cowboys were scared that I rovinassi boots!

The horse fair in Rome, where we shot these photos, it was a very fun experience, not only to admire the beautiful horses, but also because it is full of small stands with a lot of accessories for authentic cowgirl!

And between the "butteri", cowboys and horses, there is always a time to devote to shopping, and also Alice has succumbed to his coveted Beer door!

While I was working, of course, to the Texans!

Here is a small, but significant, photo gallery of our shopping trip to the horse fair.

But there are also the real protagonists: the horses! I also admired the beautiful “hairstyles” “with braids that you should never loose...

After a full immersion between the cowboys and the cowboys – but there were also the knights of chic that Alice wanted me to meet – I will be converted to the original style from cowgirl but I'm ready to ride the long, fun-filled adventure with the friends of Polish special like you!!

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